Live property – with convival Immobilien

We use our experience and skill to place your property and you atthe centre of our activity. The quality of our friendly approach will demonstrate what we mean by “living” property. We would be pleased to take the time to answer your questions and for a non-binding consultation – in person, by telephone or by e-mail. We look forward to meeting you!


Property management

No property is too small for us, hardly any is too big; whether traditionally in a personal meeting, via modern media or by a mixture of the two – we engage with management activities for all our clients and find the right way together.


Property agency

Every property deserves attention. It makes no difference whether it is a small investment apartment for rent, the purchse or sale of an owned apartment or for issues concerning a rented apartment house, one thing is clear: the faster and more careful the agency, the greater the success and happiness for everyone.


Property development

Living space does not need to be just meeting a basic need, it can also bring pleasure . It should become a home, by the space being filled with people and high-quality materials that bring happiness. Our commitment to sustainability gives a lasting value in itself.

News & Interesting information

Propertie make us happy – that is why we like to talk and write about them. Stay informed and lose yourself in the exciting world of convival Immobilien.