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Dominic Scott

MMag. Gregor Zimmel, LL.M., LL.M.

Born 1982 in Vienna, I completed my degree in Law and Economic Sciences. I finished my training with two post-graduate studies in the USA and Vienna and with successful lawyer examinations.

From 2011 until 2020 I was a managing partner in all-in-one Gebäudeverwaltung GmbH. Due to a partition of the company, I am able to support a large number of our customers in the new structure of convival Immobilien.

Seeing convival properties grow is almost as beautiful as walking through the different stages of life with my three children. And if there is still time left, you can find me working on new (physical) projects in the workshop or mentally refreshing myself on my racing bike.

Simone Lemmerer

Simone Lemmerer

Leader of Property Accounting

Simone leads object accounting at convival Immobilien, where she has already been working for many years.

She is the contact person for owners and tenants in all accounting matters and carries out her tasks with drive and great attention to detail. Simone is a very sociable person, and even laughs when working with account statements, she loves music and likes to spend her free time at concerts.

Milovan Ninkovic

Milovan Ninkovic

Technical Leader

Milovan, as technician, is your contact for all construction needs and technical issues.

He is an HTL – graduate with experience in the completion of large and small projects in structural planning. He can look back with pride on his work on large projects like the lake town of Aspern or the oder dem Sonnwend quarter at the main station. Fascination with construction has become Milovan’s lifestyle and according to the quote “a technician is fascinated by things others are completely uninterested in”, he also spends his free time getting to the bottom of things.

Ing. Josipa Glavati

Property Management Assistant

From construction engineering to property management – and maybe back again?

Josipa has spent her professional life so far in construction engineering. Buildings are therefore familiar to her – they communicate perhaps less so than tenants and owners, who are now being looked after by Josipa with full commitment. And if the need to talk is not yet satisfied, the children will certainly make up for it at home.

Aleksandar Zivkovic

Property Management Assistant

Having started in the technical department, Aleksandar is now realizing his potential in property management.

In his career so far, Aleksandar has experienced all aspects of the insurance industry. However, his angelic patience as well as nerves of steel are now original basis for property management and especially object management. It’s a good thing Aleksandar does endurance sports in his spare time – it lays the right foundation for intense owner meetings.

Ismina Myrtezai

Property Management Assistant

From the front office to property management – Ismina lives and breathes professional development.

While Ismina was already an indispensable part of the front office, she is currently developing into an indispensable support in the property accounting department. But since she was born to be helpful and friendly, Ismina fits perfectly into the team and is rightly at our customers’ side. She has trained herself well to work precisely and to sit quietly – because after work, she has to get all her energy out and climb mountains or hit volleyballs.

Iris Greiner

Front Office

Iris is (almost) always there when something needs to be organized or support is needed.

With her friendly nature Iris welcomes our customers on the phone or at the door and helps in the office where she is needed. As the second part of the “Greiner Sisters,” she powers through the front office. After work and studying for law school, she powers through the gym.

Julia Greiner

Julia Greiner

Front Office

Julia supports the whole team with her organisational and communicative skills.

She is often the first point of contact on the telephone for owners and tenants and is the interface to all departments. Working with us is a practical supplement to her degree in Psychology at the University of Vienna. In her free time, Julia refreshes body and soul by playing with her pets.

Hristina Momcheva

Property Accounting Assistant

Hristina supports the property accounting team in general accounting activities.

No one else loves to maintain SHOULDs and HAVES and closely monitor customer accounts as much. With Simone and Jasmin, Hristina rounds out the accounting women power team. “A little more” is only allowed on weekends, however, when it comes to altitude gain or stretching body and mind on the yoga mat.

Malina Wistuba

Property Management Assistant

Malina’s second education took her into property management.

As a trained medical masseuse, Malina has now found us to knead through the daily administrative routine with her calm manner. With her history, it is not surprising that Malina is very athletic. She brings her marathon running endurance into her everyday life – and doesn’t let up to reach her goal.

Nora Berger

Property Management Assistant

Until now, Nora has planned houses – from now on, their residents are the top priority.

As a current student of architecture, Nora follows this motto in life: it is beautiful to build the houses in this world, but it is even more beautiful to see happy people living in them.
And with her passion for baking, Nora now strengthens this area of the convival leisure team. And who knows, maybe Nora will plan the convival café soon….
Anna Kirchleitner

Anna Kirchleitner

Front Office / Assistant to Management

As assistant to the management, and Front Office leader, Anna supports the team in all their needs.

Customer relations tested, Anna comes from the sophisticated hotellery business and the assistance area and is thus the perfect person to have in the office.
Until now, you had to look for Anna in her spare time at the globe or while doing parallel turns on the slopes. Currently, Anna is probably on the biggest (experience) journey of her life and masters the course around baby toys.
Jasmin Pendl

Jasmin Pendl

Property Accounting – on leave

Jasmin strengthens the team in object accounting in all activities.

Together with Simone she finds the cause of nearly every single cent of deviation. She makes her contribution to our properly-run accounting with greatt engagement and very high precision.
All Jasmin counts at the weekend are her steps on walks with her dog in the beautiful southern Burgenland. And soon Jasmin rather counts the availability of diapers and pacifiers – here applies: too much is better than too little.

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