Condominium management in Vienna and surroundings

Many interests – one company

The interests within one owners association are often as many as the number of members. Bringing individual ideas to a common denominator is not always easy but we love the challenge.

We will be pleased to start from your current level of knowledge about condominium ownership and discuss fundamental questions up to more complex legal issues (e.g. in questions of the warranty law). It is always important to us that you know about your property and that we can be there for you.

A partner you can rely on.

Hardly anything lasts for ever – our cooperation has a very good chance though. You will be impressed by our range of services. What marks us out particularly in condominium management is:

You can inspect documents relating to the property at any time – digitally via the customer portal or here in the office.

You can contact us by e-mail, telephone, APP or in person. Our emergency line is available 24/7.

In our online application, you can find personal and general documents such as stipulations, contracts, protocols, resolutions and statements of account. You can contact us simply via the app or receive messages on the digital noticeboard.

We take our power of proxy very seriously and we are always obligated to take the greatest care on your behalf. Acceptance of advantages for contracts is as alien to us as careless award of contracts.

We currently check service contracts agreed for the property and optimize these regularly in respect of quality and price.

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We will be pleased to prepare for you a free quotation for the management of your property.

Change buildings management

Change your buildings management: Start the ball rolling – we will do the rest for you.

Individuelle Fragen?

Schreiben Sie uns, rufen Sie uns an oder schauen Sie bei uns vorbei – Kaffee (immer) und Kuchen (meistens) stehen bereit. Wir sind immer da, wenn Sie uns brauchen!